Change in the field of health information exchange is occurring at an unprecedented rate.  Cambiare offers management, application, and infrastructure outsourcing to help you manage these health information relationships. Cambiare can help your organization get the most from your vendors by ensuring adherence to the health information industry’s evolving standards, regulations and privacy provisions.

We understand that the success, productivity, and efficiency of your organization depends heavily upon the smooth operation of your local and wide area networks, internet access, internet services (e-mail and Websites) hardware and software (servers, workstations, productivity software, and specialized software), and user services (help desk, support, and training). Outsourcing the selection, implementation, and operation of your technology allows your organization to keep focus on and apply your resources to your mission.

Whether you want to outsource some or all of your administration, maintenance, planning and design, or installation and upgrades, we can help. Cambiare’s partners have experience in vendor management, technology selection, and operations. Cambiare has the outsourcing experience you need for success.